Roads and transport Footpath widening for social distancing

Social distancing measures

As we gradually come out of lockdown and move to the recovery phase we are prioritising mass transit and walking. We have a number of schemes aiming to create more space for people to walk safely and practice social distancing on essential journeys, as you return to work and shops in the busy areas of the city with high footfall.

Equipment used 

Social distancing measures will be made of a mixture of Rhino barriers, pedestrian barriers,
bollards, traffic cones and signs depending upon the nature of each site. There will also be floor stickers, barrier banners and social distancing images as visual guides. The main aim is to increase the width of accessible footways. This may also involve using sections of road  depending upon the area and decluttering the existing footpaths.

Length of schemes

We don't know how long the schemes will be in place for but we expect most of these measures will be temporary, however we will be monitoring to see how they work. We will take what we learn from every scheme and use it to inform further schemes. We will listen to Councillors, residents and  businesses about how the scheme is working, and make changes if necessary. To share your comments on schemes we have already delivered you can email

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