Roads and transport Footpath widening for social distancing


We have been receiving requests for temporary cycleways, local road closures and other social distancing measures following the government announcement of  £250m being made available for active travel. There is a possible fund of £3.2m across Greater Manchester with a possible full allocation of £15.8m. This has to be applied for and there are very strict criteria for the release of the funds. We have applied and are working to maximise funding into the city but it is likely to take some time to navigate the processes.

In addition, we have been advised that £500k of funding will be made available from the Mayor’s Cycling and Walking Fund but we will have to prioritise these funds as they are not likely to cover all the proposed projects.

There is also an Opening High Streets Safely fund where Manchester has received £488k. This fund is specifically for business support, marshalling and other help to get businesses back open.

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