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Requirement for new measures requests

To use our limited resources (currently the available funding is £500k with plans likely to exceed that fund) effectively the first assessment of any location will be whether it meets all the criteria below:

  1. Consistency of a problem throughout the day - only if it lasts throughout a weekday
  2. Existing footway width - only if the average location width is less than 3m in District Centre and 4m in City Centre
  3. Length of area - a minimum 250m

If it does not meet all three criteria the proposal will not progress.

If an area meets the criteria it will be assessed by officers based on the following cumulative scores:

  • The location supports public transport as it contains a significant hub. Examples include railway stations, and busy bus stops heavily occupied during the day and more at peak times. The score will be either 10 for supporting a hub or 0 for no support.
  • The location supports economic recovery. Examples include busy district centres and shopping areas or areas of employment. The score will be either for 10 for big impact through to 0 for little or no impact.
  • Footfall numbers. Higher footfall areas have higher priority. The score will be 5 for high footfall and 1 for low. If no historical footfall numbers are available the score will be assumed as zero.
  • Intervention Cost. Low cost interventions have priority. The scores will be up to £10k scores 10, between £10k and £50k scores 5, and in excess of £50k scores 1.
  • Impact of the location. Where an intervention is assessed as a benefit to either the city  centre, a district centre or a local area. -The scores will be 10 for city centre, 5 for district  centre and 0 for focused local impact.

Other criteria may need to be considered, we will assess this as we make progress and it will largely depend upon other funding becoming available. If you would like us to consider an are please read about the process.

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Was this page helpful?