Roads and transport Footpath widening for social distancing

Consideration of measures

We have already put measures in place where there’s a key transport hub or a route to significant employment sites.

District centres are also being considered and there is a separate piece of work that is taking place for schools.

If you believe there is an area that meets the requirements and would benefit from social distancing measures on the road and pavement please email

We will consider applications on a weekly basis and advise if the intervention criteria is met. If criteria is met, the request will be prioritised along with other requests and if funding allows it will be delivered on site. If the criteria is not met we will not be able to help.Please be aware resources both human and financial are very limited.

We are prioritising walking as that is where the biggest impact will be made. Requests for additional cycleways will not be considered as part of this process at this moment in time. Full closures of local roads are generally not supported during this period of very low traffic flows.

We are working with TfGM to accelerate delivery of the £79m pipeline of existing walking and cycling projects we have approval for by the Mayor’s Challenge fund.

Proposals for changes to bus stop locations or arrangements for passenger queuing or signal crossing timings to support pedestrians that will need to be sent to TfGM who manage these. This social distancing measures scheme is not intended to fix highway defects and you should continue using our online form to report defects..

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Was this page helpful?