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Driving safely

Unfortunately we cannot treat every road across the city.

Always drive according to the conditions, and allow enough time to react safely to icy roads. Try and anticipate problems ahead and slow down, but don't brake suddenly: use your gears to slow to a stop when you need to.

Always check that:

  • your windows and windscreen are clear and unobstructed;
  • your windscreen wipers and washers are working properly;
  • your lights and indicators are working and are clean;
  • your tyre pressures are at the recommended level and tread depth;
  • your anti freeze is topped up; and
  • you have warm clothes and a supply of food and drink to use if you break down or get stuck.

See the roads, pavements and cycle paths we grit.

For more advice about driving in winter, visit the Met Office website (external site).

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Was this page helpful?