Roads and transport Princess Road and Medlock Street roundabout improvement scheme

The Princess Road and Medlock Street roundabout scheme is now open. Some final landscaping will be carried out in November, as this is the best time of year for planting trees.

We engaged with local residents throughout the scheme and, as a result of comments received, Rockdove Gardens was saved: we changed the design so that the land was no longer needed, and also to include extra green space next to the gardens: the new design has more green spaces in place of the previous tarmac surfaces.

The new scheme brings many benefits, including:

  • creating a safer environment for cyclists and pedestrians
  • improving traffic flow

This was achieved by:

  • widening slip roads on and off the Mancunian Way
  • replacing the roundabout with two branching (spur) roads, allowing traffic from Princess Parkway into the city centre
  • creating a new road to provide direct access onto the Mancunian Way from Princess Road
  • replacing the existing network of underpasses with new, safer access for cyclists and pedestrians
  • landscaping, tree planting and providing a more pleasant environment for everyone.

As a result of this:

  • Medlock Street and River Street are linked by cycle routes
  • the section of footpath between the toucan crossing on Mancunian Way and the entrance/exit into the subway on Medlock Street is shared use for both cyclists and pedestrians
  • there are shared use road signs installed along this section of footway to inform both pedestrians and cyclists
  • just after the entrance/exit to the subway on Medlock Street the footway is segregated for pedestrians and southbound cyclists
  • the segregated southbound cycle lane on the footway now begins from the junction of Medlock Street and River Street, and provides a link for southbound cyclists to use the toucan crossing on Mancunian Way
  • cyclists travelling in a northbound direction are directed on the carriageway and a 2m wide dedicated cycle lane is provided. This cycle lane is protected by a build-out from the pavement, which keeps vehicles away from cyclists
  • the northbound on-road cycle lane continues up Medlock Street and links with the existing cycle lane just north of the junction of Medlock Street and River Street

This is the first of the Mayor’s Challenge Fund walking and cycling route whole schemes to be completed.

See detailed drawings of the design

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