Roads and transport Princess Road and Medlock Street roundabout improvement scheme


In July we held engagement events with local residents to gather opinions and comments on the improvement work planned for the Princess Road roundabout.

The sessions proved very useful, and there were many comments on the use of green space, cycling provision and the level of disruption.

Since July we have been working hard to take on board these views and where possible include your suggestions in the final design. As a result, the following changes have been made:

  • Rockdove Gardens have been saved, as we have amended our design so the land is no longer required for the scheme. In fact, the design now includes extra green space next to the gardens, which we will work with residents to landscape, alongside landscape architects.
  • Many commnts requested that green screening be added. We will be looking at including this around the site boundary as much as possible, in addition to that already planned around the school.
  • The new design will create more green spaces in place of the previous tarmac surfaces. Again we’ll be asking residents to work with us on the landscaping options for these areas.
  • Understandably, residents want the work to create as little disruption as possible. This is a major scheme and will inevitably create some disruption. However, the proposals mean that 80% of the work will be conducted within the existing roundabout. This will mean less disturbance while the work is taking place.

Now that the designs have been finalised, work will begin in earnest to ensure we can meet the scheduled programme.

See a technical drawing of the plans


When the work has been completed, the junction will:

  • improve traffic flow by replacing the roundabout with two branching (spur) roads, allowing direct access to the city centre and Mancunian Way from Princess Road 
  • create a safe environment for cyclists and pedestrians

These improvements are in line with the Greater Manchester 2040 Transport Strategy.

Summary of our plans

We aim to achieve this by:

  • widening slip roads on and off the Mancunian Way
  • replacing the roundabout with two branching (spur) roads, allowing traffic from Princess Parkway into the city centre
  • creating a new road to provide direct access onto the Mancunian Way from Princess Road
  • replacing the existing network of underpasses with new, safer access for cyclists and pedestrians
  • landscaping, tree planting and providing a more pleasant environment for everyone.

The work will involve:

  • site clearance and landscaping
  • site compound installation
  • removal of street furniture
  • trial holes
  • installation of ‘finger post’ signage (post with one or more signs pointing to named places) for pedestrians and cyclists
  • drainage work

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