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Our Town Hall

The Town Hall closed in January 2018 so that work can begin on the Our Town Hall Project.

At the very heart of the city, Manchester’s Grade 1 listed Town Hall is a much-loved landmark, where we gather at important times to honour and celebrate, to welcome visitors and to do business. It’s where we host civic guests, international delegations, Mancunian weddings and special events. It’s where we celebrate those who’ve been awarded the Freedom of the City.

But – having opened in 1877– the building is showing its age.

So we've started a major update to this architectural masterpiece to protect and improve it for Manchester and the nation, lovingly restoring it and re-opening in 2024. We call this project ‘Our Town Hall’ because it really belongs to the people of Manchester.

Since 2014, we have done investigation and surveys to understand what we need to do to restore and bring the Town Hall and Albert Square up to modern standards. The budget for the whole project – including a sizeable contingency element which should reduce over time – has been set at up to £328.3 million. Independent expert analysis has confirmed the assumptions behind this projected cost.

On Wednesday 8 March 2017, senior councillors gave the final go-ahead to a major project to safeguard and repair the Town Hall and Albert Square. The scheme aims to boost public access and ensure that the building and square continues to play a role at the heart of city life.

We’re calling the project Our Town Hall as it belongs to the people of Manchester.

Watch the video about the Town Hall project or read the transcript.

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