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Last updated 5.08pm, Tuesday 24 March

Communal areas including children’s play areas, sports courts and outdoor gyms within Manchester parks are closed until further notice to help limit the spread of the virus

Parks will remain open for individuals and households to exercise once a day.


Our allotments are remaining open for people to use for their daily exercise. Please make sure you're following the Government's advice on social distancing.

Communal spaces such as toilets, allotment shops and kitchens will be closed

Visiting public spaces

The Government has issued advice on actions we should all be taking to reduce social interaction and limit contact between people in order to reduce the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19).  This is called ‘social distancing’.

It says we should:

  • avoid contact with someone who is displaying symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19). These symptoms include high temperature and/or new and continuous cough
  • avoid non-essential use of public transport, varying your travel times to avoid rush hour, when possible
  • work from home, where possible.
  • avoid large gatherings, and gatherings in smaller public spaces such as pubs, cinemas, restaurants, theatres, bars, clubs
  • avoid gatherings with friends and family. Keep in touch using remote technology such as phone, internet, and social media
  • use telephone or online services to contact your GP or other essential services

While the 'social distancing' advice applies to everybody, Government are advising those who are at increased risk of severe illness from coronavirus (COVID-19) to be particularly stringent in following the social distancing measures, particularly if you:

  • are over 70
  • have an underlying health condition
  • are pregnant

This advice is likely to be in place for some weeks

See more government advice at

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