Health and wellbeing Coronavirus

Students moving out

Latest government guidelines permit students to move out of their term-time, off-campus accommodation when appropriate.


Please maintain social distancing

Please take everything you can with you. If you can’t take everything, please discuss with landlords about the storage of items until it is safe for them to be removed. The government has provided information and guidance on rights when renting accommodation

If anyone in your house has had Coronavirus symptoms, personal waste (such as used tissues and disposable cloths) should be put in a tied bag, which should then be placed inside a second bag. This should be kept separate from other rubbish for 72 hours. Read advice from Public Health England

Bins, large items and tips

If you are struggling to get rid of large items, we'll come and collect up to three things for free (every household is entitled to one collection appointment, yearly, from April 1). BUT remember - if anyone in your house has had Coronavirus symptoms please leave at least 72 hours between symptoms clearing and putting the items out for collection. Book your collection

Please make sure you use your supplied bins correctly and don’t overload them. Leaving items behind is classed as flytipping and you could be fined up to £400. See what should go in each bin and get advice on recycling and reducing waste. 

You can take some unwanted items to your local recycling centre (tip). Find out where your local recycling centre is and read further advice

Further guidance

Read the Department for Education’s advice to students relating to Coronavirus.

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