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Funerals and cemeteries

Last updated 9.14am, Wednesday 25 March

Bereavement Services are continuing to carry out Cremations at Blackley Crematorium, and burials at all of our Cemeteries, which includes:

  • Southern Cemetery
  • Gorton Cemetery
  • Philips Park Cemetery
  • Blackley Cemetery

In order to protect staff and the public and to ensure we can continue to provide critical services, our employees will be keeping a safe distance from funeral gatherings during services, and our offices at Blackley and Southern Cemeteries are currently closed to the public

General enquiries can be made over the phone or via email directly to our offices

We are aware that in some cultures and communities it is customary for families to backfill graves following a burial.  Unfortunately we are currently unable to provide this service. Please consult with your funeral director for further information. 

Our primary focus during the current situation is to continue providing burials and cremations, therefore at the moment we are unable to carry out appointments for other services such as sale of memorials, scattering of ashes and advance grave purchases.

Following Government advice regarding social distancing and funeral gatherings, we are limiting the number of mourners at any funeral gathering within all of our cemeteries to immediate family members only, up to a maximum of 10 mourners.  This applies to both burial and cremation services in chapels and at graveside gatherings.

We kindly ask that mourners follow the social distancing guidelines to protect themselves and others. 

The situation is under continual review in accordance with national guidance, and may be subject to changes at short notice.

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