Health and wellbeing Temporary road closures for social distancing

As lockdown measures are eased we want to make it easier for people to move around the city centre, safely.

To help we are closing a number of roads between 11am and midnight, plus Bloom Street will be made one way 24 hours a day. 

Northern Quarter

  • Edge Street - for its entire length
  • Hare Street - for its entire length
  • Thomas Street - between John Street and High Street
  • Dorsey Street - for its entire length
  • Houldsworth Street - northwest to its end from the junction with Spear Street
  • Short Street - for its entire length
  • Back Turner Street - between High Street and Nicholas Croft


  • Blossom Street - between Sharratt Street and Henry Street

The Village

  • Bloom Street - one way between Sackville Street and Chorlton Street (24 hours a day)
  • Bloom Street - between Abingdon Street and Sackville Street
  • Richmond Street - between Sackville Street and Chorlton Street

City Centre

  • Southmill Street - between Lloyd Street and Jackson's Row
  • Back Pool Fold - for 17 metres north from its junction with Chapel Walks
  • Ridgefield - between South King Street and John Dalton Street
  • Mount Street - between Lloyd Street and Central Street (weekdays 6pm to 12am  and Saturday and Sunday 12pm to 12am)
  • Great Bridgewater Street - Closed for 19 metres from Oxford Street end. 
  • Holbrook Street- for it's entire length
  • Marble Street- between Mosley Street and the cul-de-sac end.

Area around Oxford Road station

  • Wakefield Street - for its entire length
  • Jamie Leigh Street - for its entire length
  • Caley Street - for its entire length

In addtion to these closures we have put temporary measures along sections of Deansgate and Thomas Street, where permanent measures are being investigated.


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We have also put a number of measures in place across Manchester to widen footpaths to help social distancing. Read more about these footpaths.

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