COVID-19 COVID-19: Registrars, funerals and cemeteries

Funerals and cemeteries

Last updated 10.56am Friday 10 July

Bereavement Services are continuing to carry out Cremations at Blackley Crematorium, and burials at all of our Cemeteries, which include:

  • Southern Cemetery
  • Gorton Cemetery
  • Philips Park Cemetery
  • Blackley Cemetery

In light of updated government guidelines on how to best protect the public during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, we have eased restrictions for mourners attending funeral services.

  • Guidance from Public Health England states that a modest number of close friends and family of the deceased may attend. Those self-isolating or showing symptoms of COVID-19 should not attend funerals.
  • Mourners are encouraged to wear face coverings.
  • The number of mourners permitted to attend funerals has increased to a limit of 30 people. This is a legal limit and must not be exceeded.
  • For services in chapels, the number able to attend will depend on the chapel size so that social distancing can still be maintained at 2 meters.
  • Blackley Crematorium will allow a maximum of 15 people to attend services in the East and West Chapels.
  • A maximum of 15 people will be also able to attend services in the North Chapel at Southern Cemetery.
  • The Centre Chapel in Blackley Crematorium has been reopened for bookings, and a maximum of 30 people may attend services here.
  • Up to 30 people can attend graveside burial services.

In order to protect staff and the public, our employees will be keeping a safe distance from funeral gatherings during services

Our offices at Blackley and Southern Cemeteries are currently closed to the public however general enquiries and appointments can be made over the phone or via email directly to our offices:

The situation is under continual review in accordance with national guidance, and may be subject to changes at short notice.

NHS Test and Trace

When visiting, you will be asked to give your name and a contact number. In line with Government guidance we will collect this information, to assist with the control of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Where a group of mourners are attending a funeral, the details of the lead funeral applicant will be used for this purpose.

This information will be shared with NHS Test and Trace where requested, to identify people who may have been exposed to the virus.

Read more information in the Bereavement services privacy notice

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