COVID-19 Prevention, response and support plans

Manchester COVID-19 Local Prevention and Response Plan

The impact of COVID-19 in Manchester has been significant. We know that some groups and communities have been disproportionately affected. The Manchester COVID-19 Local Prevention and Response Plan sets out what we are doing to prevent further spread of COVID-19 and respond to outbreaks. The plan is set in the national context of ‘Test, Trace, Contain and Enable’ strategy.

The plan aims to give assurance that the right systems and processes are in place for the management of COVID-19 and the prevention of future cases at a local level in Manchester. 

It is not intended to give operational detail of how individual outbreaks in specific settings and circumstances will be managed for professionals or to give advice to the public. 

The plan, which is a working document, has been co-produced and will continue to evolve and be informed by local circumstances, emerging evidence and ongoing engagement with our residents and communities.

The plan commences with a COVID-19 inequality assessment to give the context for the impact of the outbreak in Manchester. The plan is described in 7 themes and 5 cross-cutting workstreams, covering what is currently in place, what is working well and our next steps. The final section summarises the resource implications and includes costs for planned work.

The plan will be taken to Manchester’s Health and Wellbeing Board on 8th July 2020 for endorsement. 

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