COVID-19 Help with finances affected by COVID-19

Help if you've been asked to self-isolate

If you have been told by the NHS to self-isolate and are unable to work, you might be eligible for help under the Test and Trace Payment Support Scheme.

Help with your bills or rent

You should apply for Universal Credit if your earnings have changed because of COVID-19 and you are unable to pay your bills or rent. This could be because you work a zero hours contract and have been laid off, or because you are self employed and no longer able to earn enough.

If you already receive Universal Credit, but you're still unable to pay for your rent, you might be eligible for a discretionary payment.

Help with your mortgage

The Government can offer help towards the interest payments on your Mortgage and some other loans, providing you are eligible.

Help paying your Council Tax

If you are struggling to pay your Council Tax, you may be eligible for Council Tax Support. You need to apply for this through the normal benefits application process, which will tell you what you are entitled to. 

f you're working-age and receive Council Tax Support in 2021/22 you'll also receive a hardship credit of up to £150 towards your 2021/22 council tax bill

If you feel as though you are unable to pay your Council Tax, please email us at:

If you have no money for food

You can apply for a cash grant of between £30 and £60 if you are in crisis or have an emergency that's out of your control.

If you are a freelancer in the creative and cultural sector

Find out if you are eligible for a grant through our Cultural Hardship Fund for Freelancers




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