COVID-19 Move to Step 4 from 19 July 2021

Business Key Considerations

Businesses should exercise caution in the relaxation of COVID controls considering current infection rates, vulnerabilities of their staff/customers/visitors.  

Health and Safety risk assessments re: COVID should be revisited and reviewed in line with Government guidance and key controls should be considered, for example, social distancing, screens, adequate ventilation, frequent cleaning and good hand hygiene. There is more information at  

The definition of a contact is still the same. Positive cases and contacts of positive cases will still be legally required to self-isolate, to help break chains of transmission. There will be an isolation exemption for contacts of positive cases for under 18s and for double vaccinated adults from 16 August. If social distancing is relaxed, you may find more staff having to self-isolate which could result in your business having to temporarily close due to lack of staff. 

While the government is no longer instructing people to work from home, a return to the workplace should be gradual and businesses should follow the published guidance.  

If staff are returning to the workplace, consider vulnerabilities. Are individual staff risk assessments needed considering their health/place of work/job role/ journey to/from work/ vaccination status etc... 

Nightclubs and other venues with large crowds are encouraged to make use of the NHS COVID Pass, which shows proof of vaccination, a recent negative test or natural immunity, as a means of entry.

All staff should be encouraged to get double vaccinated. Protection from vaccination increases significantly from first to second dose. Double vaccinated staff will not have to self-isolate as contacts from the 16 August which will help to minimise disruption to your business and reduce the risk of onward transmission of the virus. 

All staff should be encouraged to take regular Lateral Flow Tests if asymptomatic (no symptoms). Twice a week is recommended. 

Staff with the 3 main symptoms of COVID-19 - high temperature/new continuous cough/change in taste/smell must stay at home and book a free PCR test as soon as possible. Staff can register online at 

Sometimes, people with COVID-19 do not have the three main symptoms listed above. Instead, they may have any of the following symptoms: diarrhoea/sore throat/muscle or full body aches/tired and unwell/headache that lasts a long time/blocked or runny nose/sickness or vomiting.  

If staff don’t have the three main symptoms, but feel ill with other symptoms on the list, they should also book a free PCR test. They don’t have to stay at home while they wait for the results. They would only have to do that if they get a positive result for COVID-19.  

If you have 2 or more cases of COVID-19 within your staff over a 14 day period – please contact Manchester City Council at You may have an outbreak and we can help support you. 

If you have any queries re: COVID-19 re: cases/COVID controls please contact We are here to help and support you. 

Please keep up to date with changes by regularly visiting: and 

Further information and guidance can be found at: 

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