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How much would a licence cost?

The proposed costs for a licence are set out on this page. Landlords would be able to choose whether to pay the overall cost in one payment or split the cost across an application fee and a grant fee payable before any licence is issued. Non-payment of the Grant fee will result in an application being delayed.

Once we have set an area for selective licensing, landlords will have three months to get their licences.

Type of Application Overall Cost Application Fee Grant Fee
First Application £690 £360 £330
Subsequent applications (additional properties) £590 £290 £330
Early Application (within 3 months of designation) £500 £360 £140

The Council does not generate surplus funds from selective licensing schemes. The income generated, the bulk of which is collected in years one and two, is required to manage and resource the scheme for its full designation.

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Was this page helpful?