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August 2017

The Manchester Memorials Advisory Group (MMAG) is established to oversee the creation of a fitting and lasting memorial to the victims of the 22 May 2017 attack. The group consists of civic, academic and business leaders.

November 2018

MMAG launches an engagement exercise, asking the families first, and then the public for their views on what they would like to see as part of the memorial. A design brief is put together based on this insight.

May 2019

An international design competition for designers for the memorial is launched. Applications are received from all over the world.

November 2019

The winning designers, BCA Landscape and Smiling Wolf, are selected after consultation with families of those who lost their lives, MMAG and a technical panel.

September 2020

A planning application including the Glade of Light design is submitted.

January 2021

Planning permission for the memorial is granted, along with with plans for improvements to the Medieval Quarter in which it sits. More information on the Medieval Quarter Masterplan can be found on the City Centre Regeneration pages.

March 2021

Works starts on the Glade of Light to prepare the site.

May and June 2021

Preparation work continues. Existing Yorkstone paving and cobbles are removed – to be re-used in the scheme or recycled wherever possible. The marble is received at the stonemason to be cut and shaped to create the central halo feature.

July 2021 

The foundations for the marble halo are completed and the halo itself is crafted offsite. 

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