Sports, leisure and the Arts Deansgate/Peter Street Conservation Area

Improvement and enhancement

It is in the area of incidental urban spaces where significant improvements can be made to the character of the conservation area. For example, some surface car parks are established on sites where buildings have been demolished, leaving unplanned spaces fronted by the backs of buildings which clearly were not designed for the purpose of 'containing' the space. If open spaces are planned they should be purposefully designed to improve the character of and activity in the area rather than for the parking of cars.

The elevations of buildings fronting a square should be designed to give the space coherence. This might not be achieved by superficial cosmetic treatment to the existing buildings but probably demands a more radical rebuilding in whole or in part, or extension to surrounding buildings.

Buildings on Peter Street, Quay Street and part of Deansgate are of different ages and styles, but retain a positive relationship with one another. Where redevelopment proposals are put forward, the City Council will seek designs which are consistent with the character of surrounding buildings.

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