Sports, leisure and the Arts Rushford Park Conservation Area

Control of development

Development control in Rushford Park is aimed at encouraging development which enhances the prosperity of the area whilst paying attention to its special architectural and visual qualities.

In order to maintain this high standard, property owners are encouraged to retain the original character and detail of their houses. This includes material, colour and detail of items such as doors, windows and roof slates, which should not be replaced without prior consultation with planning officers in the North Area Team.

Development proposals will generally require planning permission or Conservation Area Consent; sometimes both. Even some minor works such as alterations to boundary walls may also require the prior approval of the City Council. North Area Team will give advice on such matters, which should be sought at an early stage.

In all conservation areas the demolition of almost any building requires specific permission. Advice on this and the exceptions is also available from North Area Team.

When preparing proposals for new buildings, or major alterations to existing structures, designers should look at the surroundings rather than just the site. It is important to see how the proposal fits into its context. In this regard, elevations, form and the massing of adjacent buildings should be included in a submission for a new building or major alteration. Given the limited opportunities in the area, any new building will have a significant impact, and will require a high-quality scheme.

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