Sports, leisure and the Arts Albert Park Conservation Area

Albert Park and its buildings today

Five nearly parallel roads - Burton Road, Northen Grove and Cresswell Grove, Clyde Road, Old Lansdowne Road and Palatine Road - form the basic structure of an area of housing constructed principally during the late Victorian period.

Many of the fine residences are now converted into flats and bedsits for students. Those on Palatine Road have either been converted into institutional or hotel uses, or demolished and their sites re-developed for blocks of flats.

The shopping centre on Burton Road was created to cater for this housing boom, and for the housing over to the west in the Orchard grove and Bottesford Avenue area which is terraced and on a smaller scale.

Oakbank, 112-114 Barlow Moor Road, dated 1851, is similar to typical Georgian style. It has a distinctive iron lattice porch in the centre of the fa├žade and a projecting bay to the left.

The former bank on Lapwing Lane is a finely detailed building in red brick, with red and yellow terracotta dressings forming string courses, eaves cornices with brackets and hood moulds over the semi-circular arched windows.

Withington Town Hall, originally the local Board of Health offices, was built in buff brick with richly decorated dressings of red brick and terracotta. These form elliptical arches over the first floor windows. The parapet is decorated with finials and has a central gable, behind which is a clock turret surmounted by a weathervane.

The synagogue on Queenston Road is a fine example of the inter-war period. It is constructed in red brick, with a Portland stone entrance and architraves round the side doors, a symmetrical composition employing both semi-circular arched and flat headed windows.

Albert Park Methodist Church, on the corner of Barlow Moor Road and Burton Road, is a Gothic-style church built in orange-red Manchester brick with yellow stone dressings. It has a bell tower with a modest spire and slate roof.

The Cavendish Road School is red brick with strongly contrasting yellow terracotta dressings forming decorative panels, cornice mouldings and horizontal bands.

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