Sports, leisure and the Arts Gore Brook Valley Conservation area

Improvement and enhancement

Some of the buildings in the conservation area are in poor condition, and their repair and subsequent maintenance would assist in improving the appearance of the area. It is beneficial if buildings can be in active use, as this is a spur to satisfactory maintenance.

Most of the present buildings are in small groups, and any future development would have to acknowledge this, either by extending or infilling gaps in existing groups or by creating a new group of small buildings. Any such development would need to be very carefully designed in order to respect the character of the conservation area.

There are parts of the area which are untidy. This is due in part to the change in character of the area, illegal fly tipping and the erection of unauthorised hoardings.

The healthy growth of vegetation in such locations is not yet fully established, and there are places where hard paving on roads and paths dissolves into loose gravel. Beneficial change can be effected by encouraging the growth of indigenous or local species of trees and shrubs. Exotic or foreign species would not complement the character of the area.

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