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Contribution of key unlisted buildings

The most important of the buildings in Brooklands Road - all of which are unlisted - is the Normanhurst Hotel, the only remaining original Victorian structure, built in 1898 to the specific requirements of the developer. It epitomises the architectural qualities of the original houses, as described in the previous section, except that its longest elevation is parallel to the road instead of at right angles to it.

It seems that only two houses were aligned in this way, which means that Normanhurst has an even greater value than it would have if it were merely the sole example of Victorian architecture in the area. A fuller description of this building is provided in the previous section.

The other - early twentieth century - residences in Brooklands Road, while differing in architectural form and detail from the original villas, are interesting in their own right, and more importantly they are built on the same plots of land as their predecessors. Because of this the original Victorian layout of the area has been largely preserved.

Essentially, this layout consisted of detached houses with narrow frontages, set well back from the road on generous plots of land, all of these being rectangular in shape with the bulk of the land to the rear of the properties. It is this basic pattern that creates the character of the area.

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