Sports, leisure and the Arts Brooklands Road Conservation Area

Character and relationship of spaces within the area

The character of this conservation area depends upon the relationship of buildings to open spaces.

Although changes took place in the twentieth century, the historic pattern created by the buildings and the land around them remains the dominant feature of the area. It consists of properties set back to a similar distance from the road and on both sides of it, on rectangular plots of land, of similar depth, with their short dimension set against the road.

Each property was originally situated on these large plots of land in such a way that the site could be developed to its best advantage.

Properties were well set back from the road in rectangular gardens positioned at right angles to the road, from which it was possible to enjoy views of the grounds where they were visible between the buildings and through whatever trees and shrubs might have been planted there.

Access to properties was provided by offset entrance drives, which curved into the site, a feature of the Arts and Crafts style, which was in vogue during the second half of the nineteenth century. Originally these drives would have provided access for carriages.

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