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Contribution of green spaces

The size, shape and position of the plots on which the houses in Brooklands Road were built are vital to the character of this conservation area. These landscape factors, and the nature of the buildings themselves, were originally conceived as being mutually dependent, so that the visual impact of one would be diminished by any serious downgrading of the other.

The original plan was for forest trees to be planted in front gardens, to transform the road into a long, leafy avenue. The tree species were restricted to beech, spruce, chestnut and lime.

The concept of a private avenue leading from the station at Marslands Bridge to the stately mansions which were to be built on either side of it was reinforced by the provision of a tollgate at the junction of Brooklands Road with what was then the turnpike road connecting Altrincham with Stockport and is now the roundabout at its southern end.

The setting of the conservation area
Because of the depth of the plots, the rear gardens of properties fronting Brooklands Road provide a significant landscaped feature that can be enjoyed by residents in the wider area.

Anyone wishing to fell, prune or uproot a tree covered by a Tree Preservation Order or in a Conservation Area should seek permission first from us before undertaking any work to the tree.

More information on trees

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