Sports, leisure and the Arts Wilbraham Road / Edge Lane Conservation Area

Negative factors

The removal of original boundary walls, gateposts and their replacement with weakly detailed fencing or railings generally throughout the area is a significant loss to the character of the area.

The replacement of original timber windows with flat faced alternatives, especially in older buildings, has resulted in a loss to the character of both the building in question and to the wider area. Similarly, the loss of original external floor surfaces and their replacement with bland alternatives is a negative factor in the area.

A particularly bland large apartment building at the junction of High Lane and Whitelow Road pays little regard to the geometry of the adjacent road.

Constructed in the early 1990s the development's low roof pitch, long horizontal ridgelines, and lack of modelling on the elevations contribute to its inappropriate character.

Little consideration has been given to the boundary treatment: a three plank, horizontal stained timber fence is not characteristic of this suburban area. The architectural character and urban form of the surrounding area has not been considered in designing this development. It is intrusive and significantly damages the character of the area.

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