Sports, leisure and the Arts Graver Lane Conservation Area

Contribution of key unlisted buildings

None of the buildings within the designated area are listed, however whilst the architectural qualities of the individual buildings and the terraced properties vary, the historic architectural characteristics of red brick, vertically proportioned window openings with sliding sash windows well set back from the exterior brick surface and with slate covered pitched roofs remain consistent features.

The terrace on Graver Lane overlooking the bowling green is a key building because it contains the open space of the bowling green. The terrace facing Berry Brow at the southern end of the area is also important because of the way in which it responds to the geometry of the road and in the manner in which it handles the steep slope in the road.

The bowling club building on Hulmes Road is important as an individual building located in a wider open space, although the manner in which it turns its back onto Hulmes Road is unfortunate.

This is single storey red brick building with a large steeply pitched roof covered in patterned red clay tiles. An octagonal room, surmounted by a conical roof, also covered in red clay tiles, provides an interesting architectural feature, although it is mostly hidden behind high concrete boundary walls.

The eight large houses accessed from Windsor Road and facing the open space of Lords Brook are important because of their contrasting sites (gardens), their orientation and their relationship with the much larger natural landscape of the valley in which the brook flows.

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