Sports, leisure and the Arts Graver Lane Conservation Area

Character and relationship of spaces

Most of the spaces in the area are street forms, established as a consequence of terraced properties facing each other across a street or road. There is considerable variation in the length of terraces. Fourteen properties on one side of Derbyshire Road contrast with just three on part of Graver Lane. Where two terraces back on to each other a narrow alleyway separates them from their respective yards or gardens.

The character of these linear spaces is determined in part by the buildings that 'contain' them and partly by the boundary walls, gateposts and floor surfaces. Examples of stone setts remain in some of the narrow alleyways.

The variation in length of buildings and streets is complemented by the irregular geometry of the streets and roads. Both of the main north-south roads in the area, Graver Lane and Windsor Road are curving rather than straight and the buildings alongside them follow their alignment.

Contrasting larger spaces exist where the now defunct Pott Street connects with Hulmes Road, where the bowling club and associated green are located at the junction of Graver Lane with Hulmes Road and on an elevated piece of land adjacent to the railway line, south of the terrace facing Berry Brow.

Significantly different in character from the rest of the designated area is that open space related to the Lords Brook, located at the eastern boundary.

The green open landscape, directly associated with the brook, has just eight buildings located within it (including a pair of semi-detached properties) spaciously arranged, with large gardens extending down to the brook.

The natural landscape of this area is of a more rural nature than the street-dominated character of the rest of the area.

Anyone wishing to fell, prune or uproot a tree covered by a Tree Preservation Order or in a Conservation Area should seek permission first from us before undertaking any work to the tree.

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