Sports, leisure and the Arts Graver Lane Conservation Area

Contribution of green spaces

Within the street-dominated part of the conservation area most of the trees evident from the roads are those planted in private gardens, although some street trees are planted in pavements in Windsor Street and Windsor Road and at the junction of Graver Lane and Hulmes Road.

The soft landscape character of rear gardens is regarded as being in the public realm because it can be seen from the road. Together, such gardens make an important contribution to the character of the area.

Significant soft landscaped areas exist at the north end of the conservation area around the bowling green, and in the area recessed off Hulmes Road, close to the junction with Graver Lane.

At the south end of the conservation area, opposite the Railway Hotel another soft landscaped area contains several species of trees. It is in this area where there are notable changes in the land levels, with Berry Brow dropping several metres from its junction with Graver Lane in the north to the railway line at the southern end of the designated area.

The Lords Brook area is essentially a valley to a watercourse, with large areas of grassland, trees and water. Although in great contrast with the rest of the area, which is dominated by streets lined with domestic scaled buildings, the natural landscape of the brook is a major element in determining the character of the conservation area.

The setting of the conservation area
The area under consideration essentially contains two contrasting parts; the street dominated area with hard built forms, and the softer green landscaped area to the east. Beyond the northern boundary, provided by Hulmes Road, is the extensive soft landscaped area of Brookdale Park, whilst to the south the area is bounded by the railway line. There are limited views into and out of the conservation area from these boundaries.

Within the conservation area views are limited to those down the length of the streets that cross the area, some of the more interesting being down Rupert Street, Windsor Street and Elsma Road looking eastwards towards the large properties on Windsor Road. The view down Berry Brow is also of some interest as the changes in level here are at their most noticeable.

Contrasting views, both into and out of the conservation area, are perceived across the valley of Lords Brook on the area's eastern boundary.

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