Sports, leisure and the Arts Graver Lane Conservation Area

Negative factors

Individual elements, such as concrete boundary walls to the bowling club on Hulmes Road and the general loss of original boundary walls to other properties, together with the introduction of white UPVC window frames in properties that would have been built with dark coloured vertically sliding sashes, and the introduction of inappropriate roof tiles have all damaged the comprehensive quality of the study area.

Inappropriate alterations to historic building facades, such as the addition of 'stick-on' stone tiles, paint or render to brick buildings; the introduction of pseudo historic, but inappropriate door designs; and the loss of original eaves/gutter details, have all contributed to the reduction in the original historic character of the area.

Similarly, the removal of original floor surfaces of natural stone flags, wide stone kerbs and setts, and their replacement with narrow concrete kerbs and macadam have contributed to the loss of the area's original character.

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