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Taxis & private hire Taxi Licensing: applications update

Pending transactions

We cannot deal with enquiries about pending applications - please do not call us as this slows down our ability to process applications. We will acknowledge applications when received and get in touch when we are dealing with them. If your licence expires before the date listed below and you have not heard from us, then email with your badge number and expiry date in the subject line.

Dates being processed

Drivers - private hire and hackney carriage:

  • New driver - applications received 6 September 2019, see stage 1 of the new driver process. Knowledge test date provided within 10 working days of receiving payment; and
  • Renewal driver - expiring up to 25 September 2019.

Vehicles - private hire and hackney carriage:

  • New vehicles - applications received 9 September 2019
  • Renewal vehicles - renewals received 6 August 2019, expiring up to 2 November 2019
  • Vehicles operating beyond age limit - applications received 9 September 2019
  • Vehicle transfers - applications received 9 September 2019 and
  • Replacement vehicles - applications received 9 September 2019.

Main reasons why the processing of applications is delayed

  • Payment is not made on time or the wrong fee paid.
  • Online DBS application has not been completed or you haven't signed up to the online DBS service.
  • Not notifying us when you are not going to attend your document verification appointment.
  • Not submitting all required documents with your application (i.e. DVLA licence summary, vehicle compatibility form etc).

Important information about renewals

Due to the high volume of applications being submitted close to expiry date, and often with several missing elements required to validate the application, we are spending a lot of time chasing and supporting applicants which means that most licences take several days to get through the licensing process; therefore we are currently processing renewal applications in expiry date order. We wish to reassure customers who submit their application well in advance, that we will get to your application as soon as possible and certainly before it expires. 

All renewal applications must be made and payment received 10 working days prior to the date of expiry of the licence. Your licence is at risk if you do not renew prior to the date of expiry; a new application will need to be submitted if your licence has expired (except in the case of hackney carriage vehicle proprietor licence). A new application for a hackney carriage vehicle proprietor licence cannot be submitted.


All applications must be paid online. Once your application is in stage 1 of the new driver process, we'll email you with a link to make the payment.

You cannot pay at the call centre.

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Was this page helpful?