Taxis and private hire Become a licensed hackney carriage or private hire driver in Manchester

Stage 1 - application submission

Submit your application and initial payment online attaching any documents we ask for as either a pdf or jpeg.

We will use the contact email you provide to contact you throughout the process and the period you are licensed with us. It is important that you let us know if you change your email address.

Within 2 working days we will:

  • check the status of your DBS Certificate and whether it is active and online, DVLA licence and Medical Certificate;
  • if your DBS certificate is not active online - we will enter your name address and contact details with CBS who will send you an email with instructions on how to apply and pay (payment is direct to CBS) online for your DBS certificate application. You need to do this before attending your appointment; and
  • send you an appointment for you to attend a meeting with a Taxi Licensing administration officer within 10 working days.

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Was this page helpful?