Taxis and private hire Become a licensed hackney carriage or private hire driver in Manchester

Stage 3: skills and knowledge test, stage 4: licence review, stage 5: licence issued

The new knowledge test is now available and is most suited to people who have undertaken the course at college.  You can opt to take the new test even if you haven't taken the course at college but training material at present is limited.

Stage 3 - Skills and knowledge test

Stage 3 - Skills Assessment: this is completed on a computer at our test centre and will take about 20 minutes. It is designed to assess your literacy, comprehension, numeracy skills and understanding of the Highway Code. You must pass the assessment before you can move onto your knowledge test.

We will:

  • email you and ask you to pay for your skills test;
  • once you pay we will send you an appointment. At your appointment you will be told about the knowledge test.

Stage 3 - Knowledge Test: You must pass two tests to progress your application;

Once you have passed your knowledge test, your application will progress to Stage 4.

Stage 4 - Application review

All your documents will be reviewed and we will let you know if any are missing or need to be updated.

Stage 5 - Licence issued

Within 2 working days of application review.

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Was this page helpful?