Sports, leisure and the Arts Hedges, shrubs and flower beds

We are responsible for the maintenance of hedges, shrubs and flower beds in public areas.


We only cut hedges between late summer and early spring so we don't risk disturbing nesting birds.


Shrubs and mixed borders are maintained every 12 weeks throughout the year when cultivation, pruning and tidying is carried out.

Flower beds (including planters and hanging baskets)

Seasonal flower beds are maintained every 12 weeks during the season. Rose beds receive a maintenance visit every 12 weeks during February and October; pruning is carried out in late Autumn and early Spring.

We will only take additional pruning, weed control or maintenance requests if hedges or shrubs are causing a nuisance or obstruction or we haven't visited for over 12 months. But remember that our programme is dependant on the weather and this could be the reason why we haven't visited.

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