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Meetings of the Executive

The Council elects one of the 96 councillors to be the Leader of the Council. The Leader then appoints other members to form the Executive, the 'cabinet' of the Council.

There is a also Standing Consultative Panel, which has a invitation to attend the public meetings of the Executive. Members of the panel can speak at these meetings and can make propositions. However, only the Executive Members can vote on proposals and so they have the power to make decisions.

The members of the Executive are all from the majority party in the Council. The Executive plus the Consultative Panel is a politically balanced group reflecting the political balance of the Council.

All Executive meetings are open to the public and broadcast live on the internet. The agenda and reports, which say what the meeting is considering, are on the website 5 clear working days before the meeting. If you come to a meeting and would like to speak about any of the matters under discussion please ask the Chair if this is possible. This is entirely a matter for the Chair of the meeting. The meetings are usually held in Room 2002 in the Town Hall extension.

The full remit of the Executive can be found in Part 3 of the Council's Constitution.

More information on the Executive's membership is available here

See executive meeting dates up to July 2018 - agendas reports and minutes.

See executive meeting dates September 2018 onward - agenda, reports and minutes

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