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Communities and Equalities Scrutiny Committee Membership

Scrutiny Committees represent the interests of local people about important issues that affect them. They look at how the decisions, policies and services of the Council and other key public agencies impact on the city and its residents. Scrutiny Committees do not take decisions but can make recommendations to decision-makers about how they are delivering the Our Manchester Strategy, an agreed vision for a better Manchester that is shared by public agencies across the city.

The Communities and Equalities Scrutiny Committee challenges public services to work together to make Manchester a safe city. The Committee tests how the Council and its partners are making sure their services are equally easy for all Manchester's diverse residents to access. The Committee have discussions with these organisations and use experiences of representing residents from a wide range of backgrounds to recommend to them how they can ensure their services meet the needs of all Manchester residents.

Areas of interest include cohesion, equality and inclusion, services for older people, advice services, young offenders, domestic violence, crime and policing, the voluntary sector, culture, libraries and theatres, and leisure and sport.

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