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Neighbourhoods and Environment Scrutiny Committee membership

Scrutiny Committees represent the interests of local people about important issues that affect them. They look at how the decisions, policies and services of the Council and other key public agencies impact on the city and its residents. Scrutiny Committees do not take decisions but can make recommendations to decision makers about how they are delivering the Manchester Strategy, an agreed vision for a better Manchester that is shared by public agencies across the city.

The Neighbourhoods and Environment Scrutiny Committee deals with many of the Council's services which are most visible to residents - housing, highways, the street environment, waste and recycling - and also monitors the council's planning and environmental policies, including carbon reduction plans and climate change strategy.

The Committee also looks closely at the work of the Growths and Neighbourhoods Directorate and examines how the services it delivers meet resident’s needs and expectations.


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More information on the Committee's membership is available here

See Neighbourhoods and Environment Scrutiny meeting dates up to July 2018 - agendas, reports and minutes.

See Neighbourhoods and Environment Scrutiny meeting dates September 2018 onwards - agendas, reports and minutes

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