Manchester City Council

News published December 2018

Additional funding to help winter pressures

Manchester City Council is to invest an extra £2.67m of funding for adult social care services to help address the pressures on the NHS and social care services this winter.

A history of protecting heritage buildings in Manchester’s Northern Quarter

A report detailing the rise of Manchester’s famous Northern Quarter and the efforts taken to preserve the historic buildings in the area will be heard by the Council’s executive today (Weds, 12 Dec)

How help from Manchester’s social services became poetry in motion

There’s two things that Amanda says have changed the quality of her life. The first is admitting she needed some help; and the second is writing poetry as a therapeutic hobby.

New Mums with HIV set to be given enough formula milk for the first year of baby’s life

Manchester Mums with HIV will now be given enough formula milk and supplies to feed their babies during the first year of life, in a move to prevent transmission of the virus through breastfeeding.

Key report presents bold new approach to deliver genuinely affordable homes that meet the needs of all Manchester residents

A report going to the Council’s Executive next week (Weds, 12 Dec) will review housing affordability in the city to make sure more Manchester people have access to decent homes.

Winners of the Manchester Youth Buzz Awards announced

Talented young Mancunians from across the city have been recognised at this year's Youth Buzz Awards for their stand-out achievements and for making a positive contribution to their communities.

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