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Manchester Day 2016 is looking for your EUREKA moment!

The city-wide celebration of Manchester is back this coming June ready to transform the city centre with a theme revelling in a history of science, innovation and discovery – and this is your chance to be involved.

Returning on Sunday, 19 June, Manchester Day has become one of the UK’s biggest outdoor events and an unmatched community project, inviting more than 2,000 people to parade through the streets each year to celebrate the city’s achievements through its history.

In celebration of Manchester being named as European City of Science 2016, this year’s much anticipated theme will be Eureka! - a term well-known today after being yelled from a bathtub by the ancient Greek mathematician, Archimedes.

From John Dalton and Alan Turing to Professors Nancy Rothwell and Brian Cox; from splitting the atom to the discovery of Graphene, science and innovation have played, and still play, a massive part in the city. Manchester Day: Eureka! will celebrate these achievements.

The city council along with the producers of Manchester Day, Walk the Plank, are now inviting applications to get involved with this year’s amazing celebration and be part of one of the biggest street parties in the country.

Whether you’re part of a group or interested in taking part as an individual, all applications are welcome.

You could be part of Manchester Day 2016, performing in one of the city’s squares or even working backstage as part of the WOW CROWD, a new element to the day which gives individuals not connected to any community group the chance to work on a collaborative piece as part of the parade.

To apply, visit and click “Get Involved”.

The deadline for applications is Monday, 1 February 2016

Cllr Pat Karney, Chair of Manchester Day, said: “For seven years Manchester Day has grown into the colossal celebration that communities across the city look forward to every summer. It has surpassed everything we could have hoped for when we decided to begin the event in 2010 – but this year’s huge EUREKA moment is looking like it could beat them all.

“This is your chance to be part of a riotous party right in the heart of the city centre and join a crowd of thousands celebrating the city and all the achievements and success it has enjoyed over the years.

“This year’s theme gives this year’s community groups so much scope to be creative with their ideas and gives our magnificent artists a huge challenge to bring everything to life before June. This will be the best thing you do in 2016, so come forward and get involved.”

Liz Pugh, Walk the Plank co-founder and Manchester Day producer, said: “We’re delighted to be working with Manchester City Council once again on this massive celebration and we’re particularly excited by the Eureka! theme given that Manchester is under the spotlight this year as host for the European City of Science.  It will be great to see the wide range of creative responses that come to fruition on the day.”

Manchester Day is commissioned by the city council, produced by Walk the Plank and created by Manchester people.  

We want as many people as possible to be involved with Manchester Day. However, entry is subject to a selection process and, as there is always a high demand from potential participants, places cannot be guaranteed for every applicant.

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