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Welcome Albot² - the Manchester Day mascot full of Eureka moments

Introducing this year’s Manchester Day character, the time travelling bot that journeys through time and space experiencing the most amazing scientific discoveries throughout history…

Albot² will use Twitter as an online journal of discovery, as well as keeping us all updated with information about Manchester Day. Follow Albot² @manc_day and keep up with an incredible expedition though time. 

Returning on Sunday, 19 June, Manchester Day is celebrating Manchester’s global reputation for inventive world firsts to coincide with this year’s European City of Science status through the theme: EUREKA! 

The Eureka! theme – well-known today as being yelled by the ancient Greek mathematician, Archimedes, whilst in a bath tub – will explore and celebrate Manchester’s contributions to science. 

From John Dalton and Alan Turing to Professors Nancy Rothwell and Brian Cox; from splitting the atom to the discovery of Graphene, science and innovation have played, and still play, a massive part in the city. Manchester Day: Eureka! will celebrate these achievements. 

Thousands of local people from 40 different local community groups will take part in Manchester Day, either appearing in costume alongside the remarkable, larger than life artworks in the parade, or performing in one of the city centre squares throughout the day. 

An overwhelming number of applications were received from the public this year and groups have now been selected to be part of the celebration in June – which is looking to be the most exciting Manchester Day yet! 

Cllr Pat Karney, Chair of Manchester Day, said: “We know how much the Manchester Day crowd love our annual mascot and Albot² will be a firm favourite - delighting the imagination from now until June and a source of constant fascination. Make sure to follow the time travel journal on twitter.

“This year we have had recording breaking numbers wanting to be part of the show - more than ever before - and as we begin the months of preparation I already know this is going to be an unforgettable Manchester Day.”

"Albot² could also be the first Manchester Day character to inspire a name change of one of the Manchester Day city squares, but it's not yet obvious which one..."

Liz Pugh, co-producer of Manchester Day, said: “We’re delighted to be working on this our seventh Manchester Day for Manchester City Council and particularly excited that we can tap into the city’s well deserved role as hosts for the European City of Science, 2016 to hopefully inspire even more inventiveness from everyone taking part.”

Manchester Day is commissioned by the city council, produced by Walk the Plank and created by Manchester people.   

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