Statement in response to 50% rise in reported hate crime incidents in Greater Manchester

Sir Richard Leese, Leader of Manchester City Council, responds to the increase in hate crime in the region.

Sir Richard said: "Ours is a city which has always welcomed non-native Mancunians and respected the contribution they make to our economy, our public services - especially the NHS, in which many work - and the general vibrancy of the city.

"The people who are most definitely not welcome are the racists and thugs who do not abide by the values of this great city and make no positive contribution.

"Manchester remains an inclusive, international city and we will not tolerate any abuse of people from different national, ethnic or religious backgrounds. We will work closely with Greater Manchester Police to ensure our communities continue to feel safe and that those who spout poison are brought to justice and appropriately punished.

"Whilst sadly there has been an increase in hate crime incidents taking place in the wake of the referendum result, I know that the majority of those who voted Leave are not racist bigots. Although they might have legitimate concerns about a changing world which have to be addressed by building an economically and socially inclusive city and I'm sure they will join with me and all other ordinary, decent people in condemning the actions of those who would spread hate." 

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