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Time running out to apply for secondary school places for next year

Time is fast running out for parents across the city to apply for their child’s secondary school place for next September with only days left now until the deadline.

An application must be received for every child, and all applications must be received by the strict deadline of 5 pm on Wednesday, 31 October.

All families with children currently in their last year at primary school need to apply for a secondary school place for next year.

If parents are still unsure at this stage which schools to apply for, they need to act now and get on-line to find out more about the schools they’re interested in, and to see if they think the schools would be right for their child.

Parents are encouraged to list at least three preferences of schools on their application and also to rank their choices. This is important because if places are available at each of the schools named by the parent, an offer will be made for the school ranked highest on the application.

The easiest way to apply is online and parents should have already received a letter with a unique identifying number for their child to speed up the on-line process.

Any parent who hasn’t received this can still apply on-line, it just takes a few minutes longer.

It is most important however that parents get their application in and don’t miss the deadline. 

Parents who apply late after the deadline has passed will have less chance of getting a place for their child at one of their preferred schools. 

Councillor Luthfur Rahman, Manchester City Council’s Executive Member for Schools, Culture and Leisure, said: "Choosing a secondary school for your child is one of the most important decisions parents have to make.

"Time is however running out to apply and parents now need to act fast - find out more about the schools they're interested in and make their application.

"It’s vital to apply on time. Applying late means they have much less chance of getting a place at one of their preferred schools. Don’t miss the deadline."

To make an application and find out more information on the application process go to

Applicants will receive their offer of a school place on National Offer Day, March 1, 2019.


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