“BigBelly” bin boost for city centre

51 new BigBelly smart bins are being installed in some of Manchester city centre’s busiest areas, in a new £250,000 investment to improve street cleanliness. 

Installation of the bins - which can contain up to eight times as much rubbish as a standard litter bin - is due to start on Wednesday 28 August and to be completed in September.

The solar-powered compactor contained in each bin allows much more waste to be collected before the bin has to be emptied.  The litter is contained out of sight, meaning that it is not visible to the public, or attractive to pests.  

The bins are also ‘smart'.  They provide alerts to the city council’s street cleaning team, letting staff know that they need to be emptied and reducing the risk of overflowing.   

The bins will be located on Albert Square, Cross Street, Exchange Square, London Road, Market Street, Piccadilly Gardens, St Ann’s Square and St Peter’s Square.  Standard litter bins previously used in these very busy areas required emptying as many as eight times per day. 

A trial of ten BigBelly bins carried out in 2018 demonstrated a 90 per cent reduction in the amount of time staff had to spend checking and emptying bins - allowing them to spend much more time on other important street cleaning tasks.  

In partnership with Keep Britain Tidy, Manchester City Council is carrying out the Keep Manchester Tidy campaign, with the goal of making Manchester the country's first 'Tidy City' by 2020.

Executive Member for Neighbourhoods, Councillor Rabnawaz Akbar, said: “This investment will improve the cleanliness of our city centre and the efficiency of our waste collection service.

“The new BigBelly bins will provide people who work, live in and visit the city centre with much increased capacity to dispose of their litter hygienically - and thanks to smart technology, our team will be alerted whenever a bin needs emptying, helping us to get to it before it overflows.

“Because they will need to spend less time checking and emptying the bins, our workers will be able to dedicate more of their time to cleaning work in the city centre.

“We know that the vast majority of people can't stand litter and want to do their bit to help us become a Tidy City by 2020.  This is another big step forward in our bid to make littering unacceptable in Manchester."

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