Fly-tipping van crushed after investigation

A van which was used to fly-tip waste in the Longsight area has been seized and crushed by Manchester City Council, following a successful investigation.

The Ford Transit tipper van - which had been adapted to carry waste and was marked “scrap metal” in large letters - was destroyed on 6 November 2019.  It is the third vehicle to have been crushed this year in Manchester, after council officers were able to prove that it had been involved in fly-tipping offences.

When Biffa officers working for the council’s waste disposal team noticed the dilapidated vehicle filled with refuse and parked up on Attwood Street, Longsight, they placed a unique marker on the waste stored within the van, for identification purposes. 

When a large amount of waste was subsequently found fly-tipped on Parry Road, Longsight, the marker was retrieved, alongside other waste which could be identified as originating from the same vehicle. 

On 12 July 2019, the van was seized and officers wrote to the registered keeper of the vehicle, but no reply was received.  Further checks confirmed that the person was not registered at the address provided by the DVLA.  With no valid claim for the vehicle received, it was subsequently destroyed. 

Executive Member for Neighbourhoods, Councillor Rabnawaz Akbar, said: “This is one of the ways in which we can crack down on fly-tippers, as we have the power to seize vehicles when there's evidence they have been used to carry out these offences.

“We urge all residents to ensure that they use the waste disposal services provided for free by the council, or a licensed waste carrier only - any bona fide operators will be able to provide documentation proving their status.  
"If the service offered by a ‘man with a van’ on social media is so cheap that it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.”

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