Park users urged to stay safe and save lives during Easter weekend

Ahead of the Easter weekend, visitors to Manchester’s parks are asked to continue to help the country to overcome the coronavirus pandemic by respecting the need for social distancing.

The vast majority of people have understood the need to only use their local park once a day for exercise and to maintain a distance of at least two metres from people who are not part of their household group.

Manchester residents are urged not to travel to visit parks which are not local to them.  They are also reminded not to go to the park to gather with friends or family members who do not live in the same household.  

Unless you are with members of your household, gatherings of more than two people in parks and other public spaces have been banned.  Greater Manchester Police have the powers to disperse gatherings and issue fines if necessary.

These measures to minimise social interaction will help to reduce the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19) and apply to everyone until further notice.  

Communal areas within Manchester parks, including children’s play areas, sports courts and outdoor gyms, have closed to help limit the spread of the virus.

Allotments are remaining open for people to use for their daily exercise, although their communal spaces such as toilets, shops and kitchens are closed.  Allotment users are urged to practice appropriate social distancing.

Anyone who has concerns about an incident within a Manchester park can report it to the council’s parks security team, by calling 0161 234 3685 or 0161 234 3689.
Significant breaches of coronavirus guidance can be reported to GMP online.

Councillor Garry Bridges, Executive Member at Manchester City Council, said: “Our parks are open so that Mancunians have a place to exercise locally once per day, in line with the official guidance on social distancing.

“The vast majority of people who visit our parks are heeding the social distancing advice and refraining from gathering in groups.  This responsible behaviour is to be welcomed, as we unite in the fight against COVID-19.
“Regrettably, however, there have been some reports of people congregating in parks, so I urge everyone to remember that doing this endangers lives.  Gatherings of this kind will only hasten the spread of the virus and ramp up pressure on our NHS.

“We know that the restrictions in place are hard, but they are a way in which we can all play our part in reducing the spread of the virus.  We’re not being asked to do this lightly.  Anyone can catch the deadly COVID-19 virus and anyone can transmit it.  Even if it does not make us sick personally, we can pass it on and make someone else seriously ill.
“Please continue to enjoy your local park responsibly.  Do not gather socially until it is safe for us all to go back to normal.  And remember, stay at home, save lives.”

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Was this page helpful?