Join the city-wide conversation about Our Future Manchester

Five years into the Our Manchester Strategy, the city is asked to be part of a conversation about how it’s working for them.

The Strategy is a 10-year vision for the city - set by the people of Manchester - to help make Manchester as good as possible for everyone who lives, works or plays here. 

The Our Manchester Strategy began with one of the largest consultation and engagement opportunities ever seen in the city to agree with residents, businesses, public services and community groups - every part of Manchester’s society - about what will make Manchester a successful, global city by 2025.

This can only be done together. Making Manchester a better place for everyone means listening to the entire city - no matter who they are, where they live, or what their background is.

The Our Manchester Strategy is about creating the same chances to enjoy a fairer, healthier, wealthier, happier, zero-carbon future. 

Many people have struggled through the Covid-19 outbreak and for many the impact of the virus - both financially and personally - is still very real. As a city, the pandemic presents major economic challenges for the city and therefore the Our Manchester Strategy reset comes at a crucial time to ask residents how the city can become a better place for everyone, as Manchester moves beyond the pandemic.

The basic principles of the Our Manchester vision hold firm, but it is understandable that as a city - and as individuals - our values and what is considered important may have changed.

This is why taking a look at the plan for the city now is so important. 

Our city still needs to be:

  • Thriving — creating great jobs and healthy businesses that our people benefit from. 
  • Filled with talent – homegrown in all our local communities as well as the world’s best. 
  • Fair — with equal chances for all to unlock their potential, no matter where in our city they are born, or live.
  • A great place to live — with loads to do, leading the way to a low-carbon future that creates new opportunities for our residents

  • Buzzing with connections — world-class transport and brilliant broadband that put all Mancunians in touch with chances to get ahead.

But now is the opportunity to help reset the Our Manchester Strategy to make sure it works for the entire city.

The Our Future Manchester survey will be open until Wednesday 23 September.

Landing page explaining the background and reasons for the ‘reset’:

Direct link to survey:

Sir Richard Leese, Leader of Manchester City Council, said: “The Our Manchester Strategy is a plan for the city that needs to work for us all and improve the life chances of everyone who lives and works in the city. However, we know there are still areas where people are more disadvantaged than others - so clearly there is more to be done to reach those people. 

“A successful city is one where no one is left behind, where everyone has a share of the city’s economic success, access to better paid jobs, education and training, and has a safe and secure place to live - with an expectation for high sustainability and low carbon standards. 

“Covid-19 has undoubtedly set us back and puts into sharper relief the importance of a city plan that can help us recover as quickly as possible, for the benefit of every Manchester person. 

“We’re asking you to be part of the city’s ambition. So please take a look at the survey, let us know what your priorities are, and share your ideas. We’re listening to what you have to say.”

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