National CSE Awareness Day - Council reaffirms its commitment to combat this vile crime

Today, 18 March 2021, is National CSE Awareness Day and the Council has reaffirmed its commitment to combatting it wherever it arises. 

Councillor Garry Bridges, Executive Member for Children's Services, said: "Child sexual exploitation is an abhorrent crime.

"The collective approach to tackling it - with the council, police and others working closely together - has strengthened significantly over the last 15 years. Nowhere is this more evident than in our Complex Safeguarding Hub where our social workers, the police and other agencies work under one roof to identify and protect young people at risk and to disrupt and pursue perpetrators. 

"It's important to remain vigilant and keep building on that approach and we welcome GMP's establishment of a new forcewide CSE team. 

"But we can all play our part in looking out for and reporting any of the signs of CSE."

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