Faith Leaders in Manchester make special film of hope - and give their 'blessing' to Covid vaccine and testing

Faith leaders across Manchester have come together in a special message of hope and unity to the people of Manchester - along with addressing key points around the Covid vaccine and testing.

The move is not only ecumenical, but it gives collective backing to both the jab and Covid testing 'as major steps forward'. The film also emphasises that the vaccine does not contain pork or any other animal or human products.

Leaders and representatives from Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Jewish, Jainist, and Christian faiths also praise the spirit of Manchester with recognition of how people have looked after one another during the pandemic.

Councillor Bev Craig, Executive Member for Adult Health and Wellbeing, said: "This is such a powerful message of spirituality and also of the faith invested in the people of this city, who we have relied on to do their best to keep everyone safe. My thanks go to those involved in this film as well as all the many religious networks in the city who have sustained countless people during such a difficult time."


To watch the film on YouTube click this link.

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