More than 500 new Manchester homes will be built through the Brownfield Housing Fund

The second tranche of the Brownfield Housing Fund (BHF) - via GMCA - will include five new homes sites in Manchester, representing a significant affordable homes investment in the city.

The BHF is a £400m national fund designed to support home building on brownfield sites to accelerate home building across the country.  

Manchester has been allocated £7.82m in the second tranche of funding from a £81.1m funding pot for Greater Manchester. This will help deliver around 522 new homes, and the majority to be affordable housing for Manchester people.  

Manchester also received funding from the first trance, which was went towards funding new homes at New Cross Central, Mulbury City (in New Cross) and Viadux in the city centre.  

The sites to be funded in this tranche, includes: 

  • Collyhurst Village, Collyhurst – 139 homes (part of the Victoria North project – formerly Northern Gateway) 

  • Back of Ancoats, City Centre – 275 homes 

  • Silk Street Development, Newton Heath – 69 homes 

  • Ancoats Dispensary - 39 homes 

The chosen schemes across Greater Manchester must be ready to receive their funding allocation by 30 June 2021. If schemes are unable to progress by that point, funding will defer to a reserve list of projects.  

Specific plans for these schemes will now be developed ahead of consultation and/or a planning application submission.  

Manchester also has a further five schemes on the reserve list, which represent a further pipeline of 1,336 new homes. 

Developing brownfield land is key priority for Manchester City Council to drive housing development on unused site to meet the city’s growing demand for quality, affordable housing.  

The City Council has committed to supporting the delivery of at least 6,400 affordable homes for Manchester people between 2015 and 2025.  

This is at least 20% of the total pipeline of 32,000 homes expected to be built during this period – and the Council is on track to exceed the affordable homes target up to 2025. 

Cllr Suzanne Richards, Manchester City Council’s executive member for housing and regeneration, said: “This funding is very welcome. The challenges in urban areas of remediating brownfield land can impact on the financial viability of affordable housing. This funding will allow us to support the delivery of much-needed council, social and affordable housing to meet growing demand in the city.

“Everyone in this city deserves a safe, secure and affordable home and it is for this reason we have set an ambitious affordable home building target of at least 6,400 homes between 2015 and 2025. Despite the challenges of the last year we are on track to exceed that target. This is testament to the strength of the partnerships that Manchester has built with our social landlords in the city and our commitment to back affordable house building with Council land and resources." 

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