Get out the Manchester Message to keep our city safe Manchester's message to residents to keep our city Covid safe

Be compassionate, be kind, and put your community first is the Manchester message as Covid restrictions are set to be lifted from Monday, July 19. 

Now the final step of the Government’s road map has been reached, many legal restrictions are being lifted. 

But in Manchester, as with many other places in the country, cases of Covid are still on the rise. This makes it more important than ever to work together as a city to keep one another safe. 

The solidarity shown by ordinary people throughout the past 18 months has been incredible and typifies what makes Manchester special. 

The Council is calling for that sense of togetherness to continue as the vaccination roll out progresses, and for everyone to think of the small things they can do to stay Covid-free. 

This includes: 

Taking the vaccine when offered it – this includes both first and second doses, which ensures the greatest level of protection.

Meeting outside where possible so that Covid germs are blown away, or when indoors opening windows to ensure a good air flow.

Thinking of others and what you can do to help them. Many people are still vulnerable to Covid, especially if they or people around them are not fully vaccinated. Think about their needs and how you can support them. 

Wearing a face covering in confined spaces or public transport can prevent the spread of Covid especially if you are asymptomatic. 

Keep your distance where you feel it is appropriate.

Take a PCR test if you display the three classic symptoms of Covid – new persistent cough, temperature and a change in taste or smell (see the MCC website for a full list of symptoms).

Parents can continue doing twice weekly Lateral Flow Tests for secondary-age children so that their education can remain as disruption free as possible.

Test yourself twice weekly through Lateral Flow Tests to make sure you can enjoy yourself whilst protecting yourself and others from Covid.

Councillor Joanna Midgley, Executive Member for Health and Care said: “I know that for so many people the arrival of July 19 will feel like a weight has been lifted. However, as is so often the case in Manchester we are going to do things a bit differently.

“The city is still part of an Enhanced Response Area, which means that Covid cases remain high and extra resources are being used to try and bring them back down. 

“I know that many people will want to enjoy their new freedoms, but I would ask them to stay true to their Manc spirt and put other people first. 

“This can be as simple as wearing a face covering or keeping your distance from others. But, it can also be as significant as getting double vaccinated, the best protection for you and others from Covid."

David Regan, Manchester’s Director of Public Health, said: “Manchester’s vaccination programme is continuing to make progress but we have to remember we are not out of the woods. 

“The Delta variant of Covid, which is highly transmissible, is still present in our communities but there are many ways we can halt its further spread. 

“Being considerate and continuing to wear a face covering, giving one another a bit more space and of course getting double vaccinated is the way Manchester will get us where we need to be.”


For more information on Covid-19 and getting your vaccine click here to visit out website.

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