Parklife attendees rave about the “awesome” vaccine

More than 80% of people surveyed at the recent Parklife festival were in favour of getting the Covid-19 vaccine.

Over the weekend of September 11-12 tens of thousands of people descended on Manchester’s Heaton Park for an incredible two days of live music. 

Throughout the festival public health workers were on hand to speak with younger people about the Covid vaccine, testing, and how they felt about the pandemic and its impact on their lives. 

Close to 800 young people were asked to answer a few questions about the vaccine, providing an illuminating insight on their thoughts. 

Out of the 787 people surveyed, 83% were in favour of getting double vaccinated. 

Of that figure, 62% were in the 19-25 age bracket, with 86% of that cohort saying they were in favour of the double jab. 

These figures contrast against the perception that younger people are unconcerned about the vaccine and do not want to get their jab. 

But, figures from the weekend found only 8% of attendees said they would not be getting either their first or second vaccination. 

Councillor Joanna Midgley, Executive Member for Health and Care said: “Throughout the roll out of the vaccine younger people have been portrayed as hesitant to get the vaccine, but, as we suspected this isn’t necessarily the case. 

“Speaking directly to younger people we know that the vaccine is important to them and it is something that many have already got, or plan to get. 

“Our goal has always been to make the Covid jab available to everyone and to support any and all groups who need support or more information before making the decision to get vaccinated. 

“We will continue to do this and urge people to take up the offer of a vaccination as soon as possible."

David Regan, Manchester’s Director of Public Health, said: “A significant level of planning has gone in to understanding the priorities of young people when it comes to the vaccine, and how organisations like the Council can support people making the best choice about their health. 

“The figures we’ve obtained from Parklife shows that younger people are interested in their health and wellbeing and their supposed hesitancy over the vaccine has perhaps been misrepresented.”

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